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Idols go through so much to get where they are ,but it's worth it in the end because we get to meet them and cheer them on through everything ,hardship and success. This is one of the best reasons to love kpop because you're supporting someone else's dream in life
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I see Jin becoming a famous actor. He'll be in some hit show called "You Who Came From The Restaurant"...or something. But I definitely see him becoming very successful.
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he is definitely a sweetheart~ its tough out there but I'm glad he made it. i love him so much ♡
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not matter how many times i read this I'm still tearing up inside T^T glad he kept walking this path. I'm so proud of him and the rest of the boys ㅠㅠ so proud to be a ARMY;^;
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he iss sooo sweet i love jin <3
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such a beautiful heart
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