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J-hope mask are amazing! I freaken love them! And him.....
And zelo mask are amazing too! Is it sad that I'm older then both of them and still can't help but be attractive to them πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. But anyways back to the mask, I really want some like this! I really don't care what people around here think when I wear them! I want them!!!
Yes after I seen them I started looking for them!!! They are! It makes me so happy cause I'm getting some next paycheck lol!!
Omg really that's what I had thought at first but I didn't check it out, thanks alot lol now ima look for some && are they on ebay ?
I found the none studded one from jhope on eBay and Amazon they are bikers mask! Along with all of zelo mask to! The jhope studded one I have yet to find! Most likely gonna have to make it!
I would like to know the names to these masks , because I want them