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New mani! Well... not really...
Do you have an old mani and don't want to start from scratch? I used an old mani that I didn't want to touch up or apply a new color to XD As you can see...my nails have grown and the color has begun to chip...let's get started!
What you'll need: -Acrylic black and white paint -small brush -tooth pick -Dotting tool. You can also use a blunt pencil if you don't have a dotting tool. (for different sized dots) -top coat
Start by creating an outline around the nail.
Create three lines going diagonally. Since we are using acrylic paint they don't have to be perfect. If they are too thick or not straight enough you can adjust them using a toothpick. Just gently pick away the imperfections to your liking.
Next, fill in the end of those lines to create these round shapes. Again, if you mess up use the toothpick (;
Complete the rest of the nails.
With the dotting tool place dots on the sides. Use the toothpick for smaller dots for where there is less room.
Top it off with your choice of topcoat! I chose to go with a matte coat because I had a shimmery pink and it just looks amazing with a matte coat (: Hope you guys like this mani. Thanks for looking! ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)৴♡
@aabxo I like it.I just hope I get to do it
ooohh! sweet!
@danidee I feel cheap with chipped manis lmao Cannot handle it.
@danidee Awwww! Thank youuu! I try I try (;< Does that mean you like the before pic too? ahahaha
Angieeee, your nail tutorials are always so cute!!
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