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It's an old issue. Love. But even Older is Beauty! No, not talking about how pretty is your face or body, neither about your inner beauty... The Beauty of your self. Not Following? Well... What I mean, is that I just love those little moves, gestures and details that everybody has. You know... that cute half-smile, those hilarious silly faces you make when your alone, looking your self in the mirror... your happy walk, your sad one, your funny looks when your surprised... I just love those things!!! I often see pictures of Beautiful people, like barbie style! and I just don't find one thing that makes me keep looking... It just doesn't have personality... looks like something perfect, made, thought and unnatural!! So here's my point! people call them ugly faces, you know, the silly one's, but I rather call them moodfaces! they express you and you shouldn't feel embarrassed to make them! they define your feelings and emotions! It's kind of an type of Art XD Anyway! Ignore trying to look pretty to the pic, remember that a photo of yourself is your reflection, and it should be truthful and real. Advice? See your self more often in the mirror and express your feelings, Laugh, Force a Tear, Make an angry face! Just Be You!
Great advice :) I'll try to make a few silly faces in the mirror tonight!
@BPF1916 try to do all the faces to match the emoticons in your phone
that's a great idea ahahah and then put then together in one photo ahah @virginvingler
it's so funny xp just try to not get caught ahah