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PO, yes my nephew the dog, turned 1 about a month ago....hmm, it has been a while since i posted a pic of him... ~ well in this pic, my sis was out of town and i had the pleasure of dog-siting any loving auntie would do i took him to the park and of course he had fun rolling around in the grass, running/hiding in the bushes and while we were there he met an older gal about 10 yrs his senior and boy was he smitten.....he kept sniffing her, following her, wanting to play with her and she sure was pretty, she was a miniature schnauzer...her name was Gidget. ..AND....she was very memorable and unforgettable indeed b/c the next day he had fleas, lolz... yes, im sure he got it from her b/c as i recall correctly she would every now and then scratch herself but i didnt think anything of it at the time....sooo yeah my sis was not happy when she got back....umm, was there a point to this story, NO i just wanted to share b/c i thought it was hella funny, lolz!! ~
Aww, I'm sure he feels that love you both have for him. They always seem to know. I never had dogs until I got married...and it's so strange. Now, I just can't imagine not having a dog. I love my dogs to death. :D
yes, i do spoil him more then his parents do, lolz...ive never been one to love animals but ever since my sis adopted him, i absolutely love him but to have my own....noooo...he's a lot of work....lolz
Wahahahaha! He refused to walk? Oh, that's hilarious. He likes that you spoil him. :D Dogs are the best, aren't they? Ever loyal and loving, more so since he got a birthday party and presents. Hehee.
oh, he is sooo spoiled......that day he got tired of playing and then refused to walk/go, so he just laid on on the ground... i didnt have a choice but to carry him to the car, lolz.... i swear for a dog, he has sooo much personality.....AND... my sis threw him a bday party when he turned 1 and this past xmas, he also got presents, lolz...
He is so adorable and he looks so soft.