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I'm crying. I'm praying. I'm fasting and praying. I'm hoping. I'm having faith. I'm changing. I'm still crying. I thought I had found a real job but it didn't pay. Left me confused... My impulse is telling me to vent but I won't cause everything above that I did hasn't helped, venting on vingle won't help either. I write this card with tears in my eyes... I'm over 30yo and feeling like a complete loser and not knowing what to do. I'm feeling so alone! As I said I know this won't help but I just know doing this is ok. Right?
@TessStevens thank u so much girl! I'm hanging in there and I'm learning every day to not let my mom control my feelings.(oh,the power of mom's words!)
It doesn't matter how old you are, you deserve respect and the life you deserve! Just hang in there and keep moving. Never let others control your emotions!! Easier said than done, but just keep your head up because you have a lot to offer :)
@alywoah thank you girl. I know but I need constant reminder. I'm really happy for your success. But with all this going on,I'm ready to face any other challenge.I really appreciate the encouragement
writing helps! venting helps! i am sincerely sorry. i felt like this a year ago. everything eventually worked out. and i hope it does for u -- and FAST! you're not a loser. being in ur 30s is still very young. and look...nobody ever gets to an age when everything is perfect. there will always be an issue to tackle. im here whenever u want to vent or talk!!!!