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This is a poem I wrote when I gave up on the best friendship I've ever had-Neville.I know, it's kinda silly but... eh! I Love You I love you Genuinely I do I love everything about you I always did It's because of who you are It's because of what you do It's because you care It's because you're always there If you stop now, it won't change This is so strange A little bit deranged But believe me it's real I love you genuinely But do you love me? Will you ever? I'm left to wonder How is this possible? The thought makes me tremble Makes my heart rumble The feelings grow stronger How is this happening? What is this thing? I mustn't give in It's a sin But I want to hold on With my other hand As the one is to have and hold My world I have to let go I have to grow But I'll still love you so Always left to wonder (Trust me, I'd be totally embarrassed if he should see this!)
@TerrecaRiley can't believe I missed this! I'm sorry you had to give up on your friend... I think the last stanza is really poignant. Sometimes we really do have to let go in order to grow...
yeah, that is totally true. @TerrecaRiley
@rodiziketan wow! Thus the reason I love Vingle. There's nothing anyone shares that you don't have in common with someone else
I think we have/had a really similar story to tell. I find myself in this. A lovely poem.
@allischaaff thanks. it's been months and I'm still holding on... sigh