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Title: Red Blossom By: Lydia ♡ It's been months now he's been living alone. Lock up in his house where y'all used to share moments, laughters, tears, and love. Once again Jungkook wakes up to silence, and loneliness. He looks out the window you two used to watch the birds fly by while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, his arm around you, where did those days go? Ever since he found out you're abusive boyfriend has been hitting you everyday. He tells you to get away from him but you push Jungkook away never seeing him again. Jungkook standing at the balcony hanging over the rail. "When will you come back? Should i wait longer? Can I kill this pain?" Looking down at the cold, grey concrete, his feet danging from the balcony, holding on the rail. "I want to fly with the birds, maybe you would notice me than". Going through his mind thinking about that day you would come and see him again, waiting is all he's been doing, waiting for that door to knock, waiting for your touch, waiting for your love and comfort. Does that even exist? The red cherry blossoms from the tree's are falling, Jungkook wants to be one of those blossoms he's ready to let go, he loosens he's arms from the rail. He'll be the next red blossom floating to the ground, he's color would drain from his body and become grey and cold with the concrete.
Lol "Warning: Sad" UNDERSTATEMENT!
Omg I'm excited, thanks you guys!!!!! 😁😄
That was good! Super sad, but really really good. Bravo to you!
Almost made me cry...this is amazing DX
Wow! This was good :) I liked it a lot~
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