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So there's a time in every person's life when they know exactly what they want in life, right? Like I wanted to be either a veterinarian, attorney, archaeologist, architect, College Professor, etc. Those were wonderful days when I thought (keyword-thought) that I knew what my priorities were. Again, the keyword priorities-were. In a time not too terribly long ago, i made my first leap of faith into the underground world many refer to as the K-Pop realm. Now, I have realized that my life goals changed from wanting a steady career, to being inanimate objects. . .
Case File#1 Let's take into consideration how undeniably lucky that mic is. No, you are not reading my post wrong, and you are definitely following along with this. Now one way you know you are indeedy in too deep, is by wanting to trade places with inanimate objects. (I know I sound like goofy McGhee, but #sorrynotsorry. . .)
Case File #2: Water. I mean the picture speaks for itself. Yes please can I be a bottle of agua for my bias?
I mean, these guys could easily have me wrapped around their fingers in a jiffy. Pun intended. Longstory short, I have to do some soul searching, maybe a walkabout to rediscover my priorities. . . *Le Sigh*
Life goals change errday. Swear
@B2STANG88, I have come to realize that as well.