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I adopted herbie this past summer and when i had gotten him he still had his old shell the 2nd pic....AND...if ppl arent familiar with hermit crabs they often like to change shells as they get anyways. i saw this ELMO shell and i thought how cute....its a little big on him but he'll grow into it!! lolz...
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He is. I think it's so cute that you have a hermit crab. I hope he sticks around for a long time. ( ^∇^)
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me too....haahahha!!!!
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what is herbie ? it is crab ?
3 years ago·Reply
how u keep him , in water ?
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@YulikGuler Herbie is a hermit crab, no he has a cage and the bottom is covered in sand, he also has a water bowl too, lolz
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