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1. Welcome to the summer of crazy colors! It looks like another celeb join the crowd of colombré, Brit model Georgia May Jagger just surprised us with sand hair and it's awesome. Credits to Bleach London for this "technicolor dream hair."
2. Miley's new blonde bombshell hair. It's been a while since she's been seen with a long wig. So, I was surprised when she posted up the her photoshoot for MAC's new ad campaign "Viva Glam." Anyone getting the Hannah Montana vibe?
3. Amanda Seyfried chopped off her long locks! And donated to Locks of Love. That's really sweet of her!
4. Hello again, hair tapestry. I wasn't buffing when I said this hairstyle is trending. Take a look at at Elite Daily's compilation of this cool trend.
5. Scientists just peeled another layer of hair theory. Apparently, our hair structural feature has more than an alpha conformation. Read the finding here!