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am i the only one that thinks this!!!!
so kcon starts tomorrow, and i really wanted to go!!!! however, i didn't have the money to go (just like the BIGBANG concert) and i was really bummed about it...
but even though im sad that i wont be able to see GOT7, SUJU, or SHINWa, or SISTAR in person, i was just thinking...
it's so cool that they are even in the same state as me!!!! being from hawaii, we dont get a lot of visitors to the islands, and when we do, we usually dont know that they're there until after they leave!!! so im pretty excited to say that i am that close to them (if that even makes sense)
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I feel you
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Do they have live streaming for this convention?
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우와~!!! For real tho. we're practically breathing the same air ♡_♡
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