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Bulletproof glass manufacturer 3M Security Glass placed this advertisement at a bus stop. There's apparently $3 million in cash inside there, behind their bulletproof glass. If you can break it, it's yours. Now they get thousands of people helping them prove their product is invincible
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step 1. heat with torch... Step 2. douse with liquid nitrogen... Step3. if necessary, lightly tap with hammer. Step 4. send 15% of your recovery to me for the solution.
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Bulletproof ha??? I wonder is it fireproof as well..haha
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Advertising at its best XD
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3M said it is bullet proof. what are those people doing with kicking and punching? They think their physical force is more piercing than bullet? Good luck....
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step 1, insert key into car. step 2, mash on the gas and aim it at the money filled glass. step 3, if glass doesn't break, take the whole thing and bring it home to disassemble.
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