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now this quiz tests your skills at recognizing idols from their eyes!!!! i got 10/10, lol
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I think I know some but I dont wanna type so.much
somehow I got 10/10 lmao but in the photo in the card, doesn't Kai appear twice? Last row, first one and fourth one? Or am I mistaken?
@kimikodragon I can see those being Kai, but I'm pretty sure it's Chen for the left one and Luhan on the right. @jannatd93 the first one in the second row is Tiffany from GG. The one I at first though was Park Bom was second row, fourth from the left. I'm starting to rethink myself haha. Or maybe she's not even in here. xD
9/10, not bad for not knowing a whole lot of girl groups!
@TMinusEleven lol I don't even know anymore xD