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Individual Leaders NYK IND Points Anthony 29.3 West 16.8 Rebounds Chandler 10.3 Hibbert 8.2 Assists Felton 6.3 Hill 5.1 Team Stats NYK IND Scoring 102.5 91.4 Rebounding 39.9 46.0 Assists 20.3 19.6 Predictions: Already short-handed without Felton in the lineup, the Knicks will also have to play without Carmelo Anthony, who was given a 1-game suspension due to his outrage against the Boston Celtics. Without Anthony, the Knicks do lose their offensive firepower, and the Pacers can surely take advantage of the Knicks' loss. The key for the Pacers is defense (as usual), and they should be able to control the glass, unless Chandler and Camby think otherwise. However, with surging plays of Paul and Hill, the Pacers (who have won last 8 out of 10) will take down a weak Knicks squad without its superstar. IND 98 - NYK 80