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Q: I just have a sense that this guy is falling for me....should I trust it? We sort of had a friends with benefits thing going on, but lately, he's been a bit more distant, like he's trying to not pay attention to me or afraid to talk to me. He's ignoring me but I feel his eyes on me kind of thing. When I tried to bring it up and ask him what's wrong, he said that I hadn't done anything that turned him off of our current situation. But it really, really felt like he was just avoiding what I was saying. It's just extremely weird....and I can't help but feel like my intuition might be wrong because he's know for always being single. Hmm. Thoughts? A: Leave your advice for this anon in the comments, and message me any love questions you want to get some advice one!! :)
I'd say that actions speak louder words. A partner can tell you much about they care about you, but what's the point in those words, if it's not being shown? I would give yourself to step back a few days to figure out the situation you're in. Honestly, from experience, friends-with-benefits goes all types of wrong. But can it work? Sure. But things need to be communicated when feelings change or intensify.
too early to jump to any conclusions.
@AbhishekAnchan @alywoah @allischaaff Thanks guys!! I asked for an update from the anon but haven't heard back yet. Will let you know.
Hmmm. This one's a toughy. If he likes you and you've been hooking up for a while and he suspects you might feel the same way, why wouldn't he just tell you? What's holding him back? I feel like the things you're describing are bad signs, not good ones :/ can we have more information?
@allischaaff My fave hobby too hah! Didn't get an update yet though :( Maybe I should message again
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