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I was inspired by @SHINee808's guess the idols by their eyes card. So, here's a challenge for all of you Kpoppers:

Can you guess them by their hair WITHOUT googling?

View second photo for answer!
I know bigbang isnt here and thats all I know
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1 bts v 2 Exo chanyeol 3 maybe youngest from btob 4 teen top Neil 5 ? 6 miho shines
2 years ago·Reply
1. Kim Sungkyu(Infinite) 2. Chanyeol(EXO) 3. N(VIXX) 4/5 is still hard to figure out and 6. Minho (SHINee) im praying that i get at least one correct!!!! especially Minho!!!! lol
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@HairConfetti i loved it!! can't wait for round
2 years ago·Reply
**UPDATED THE CARD WITH ANSWER!** @shjej5835 I thought they'll be too easy to guess! @maymay75 good try! @kpopis100 @SHINee808 You guys are close!
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