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Is he even a real option? Are there really people supporting him? Is he really winning polls? I'm beyond confused.
We have addressed how we all feel about Trump. We know he won't be getting the Latino vote, regardless of what he says. Everyone from musicians to other politicians are speaking up about the fact that he should not be (and in their minds, is not) a real candidate.
And yet, I keep seeing his name in the news as if he real competition within the Republican party for the party nomination. Even if he doesn't get the nomination, he says he will run as an independent, and there are people supporting him.
And I am confused.
When I look at Donald Trump in the political arena, I see a man acting like a middle school boy. When others bring valid criticism to him (regardless of the issue it's about), he resorts to personal attacks. Rather than explaining why the criticisms are valid like an adult who knows how to debate and discuss and communicate, he says that the other candidates should have to get IQ tests before running (not like he has taken one). He resorts to attacking the image of others.
He gets defensive about media attacks on his hair.
He constantly focuses on the glasses people are wearing ("to make themselves look smarter and get more votes") rather than on showing that he could be a calm and effective leader for the great nation of America that he wants to "MAKE GREAT AGAIN."
I just don't see how America is even given a big, middle school bully the chance to be a part of our nation's leaders. He's already done enough to effect this country as a corporate mogul. We don't need more than that.
Quotes from Donald Trump on the state of America....and there are people that support him. A man who attacks the very thing which he claims to love and want to make great. I'm not saying you cannot criticize America--there is plenty to criticize.
But Trump is a giant man child who cannot handle the responsibility of our nation.
Dear America,
I'm confused. If anyone can explain to me why Donald Trump has a chance (and if he even does--is this all media play?) I would be very appreciative of your effort. Surely, it can't be an easy thing to explain.
Dr. Confused ("What?")
P.S. If you want to read the article that made me realize that "he actually might have a chance," check out this article on Salon. "Donald Trump is ruining everything for the GOP: The five stages of Republican grief explained"
@shannonl5 Glad I'm not the only one who really doens't think he's a contender. I don't (though I am still confused). But all the media play and even other candidates genuinely going against him (as in, why bother if he won't make it?) have made me question if I'd been foolish to assume he won't make it. Interesting piece, thanks for sharing it.
I personally doubt that he's going to be a real contender for the Presidency. His views are so extreme, I think he might win the conservative fringe vote, but he won't win over anyone that's "socially liberal, fiscally conservative". He does have a lot of money, which unfortunately means he's capable of being a force within the election, and there is a chance he might drive a wedge between conservative voters. It really depends on who else ends up running. John Scalzi wrote a great post on it: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2015/07/26/donaldtrumpdonaldtrumpdonaldtrump/ I don't know if I agree fully but it's an interesting viewpoint
Are business men even allowed to run for presidency? No way!? I cannot even believe that Trump would run but imagine him running without all that riches he have; would he still have that much confidence to say such things??
@drwhat same here, I hope we're both in the majority on this one! I wonder if maybe candidates are opposing him so strongly because they're trying to get support? It almost feels like an easy talking point. Like, instead of actually addressing how they intend to deal with immigration issues, all they need to say is 'I oppose Trump and his views'. And yes, happy to share! Scalzi is a really cool writer.