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I thought this was so clever, so I had to share it!!!!
I don't have experience with taking photoraphs at cons, but I see all my photographer friends on facebook FRANTIC after cons, meanwhile all my cosplaying friends are FRANTIC before cons, so I know this is SO, SO true, haha!
Carmen Ching Art is the one who designed this cute graphic, and it couldn't be more true, haha!!
Anyone else agree?
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@vulpix yeah! Thankfully the technology has really advanced in the last couple of years, but it's still very time-intensive and probably means a lot of staring at the computer, right @danidee ?
@shannonl5 Yeah hahaha They work so hard!!! @danidee I know!! I usually don't do anything before cons (I love cosplay, but dont do it really these days) but then after cons i spend alll my time looking for good pics and vids lol!! I bet the people who edit them have it even harder
LOL This is so funny. I used to work in press for events where sometimes there would be cosplayers, and seriously, the aftermath when you're trying to get all the photos cleaned up and the articles written is when life gets seriously exhausting.
@danidee ugh that's no fun! I feel like there should be a little wiggle room given between the con and the after parties... but I guess people have to check out of the hotel rooms so maybe that's not possible lol
@shannon15 YES. The nights between Con days are the worst because instead of after-partying with your friends, you're in your hotel on your laptop like MUST PUBLISH INFORMATION.
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