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I came across this image on Facebook today, and wow. What a statement. In the words of one of the commentors on the picture: "Inclusiveness doesn't mean we just change who gets excluded."
The artist behind it (Kevin Bolk, find him here), explained his mentality behind creating this image:
Everybody* Is Beautiful *Some Exclusions Apply This is a piece I've been thinking about for a long time. Was doing some gesture drawing practice a few days ago and it kinda morphed into that idea. Kinda scared to share it, but it's something very personal to me. Fun Fact: Most of the folks depicted "outside the box" are people that I've either met around Baltimore or saw being ridiculed on "People of Wal*Mart."
And just wow. I mean, I always find it frustrating that beauty ever has to be defined as anything. But of course, the campaigning against traditional images of beauty are of course going to bring in other ideas of beauty, as that's one of the easiest ways to combat the idea that only one thing is beautiful--by showing another.
But why do we only show certain kinds of other "beauties"? You can't deny that we do. Even as I write this, I'm having a hard time not saying things like "we pick one pretty face with a bigger body to overwrite the pretty face on the skinnier body." But that still goes into something--I'm still finding something beautiful over something else! I don't know how to get the wordage right, to be honest, so how do I get my thoughts there, too?
This artist has a point. Everyone is beautiful. In theory, I believe this with all my heart and hope that my actions reflect it. But considering the fact that I had a hard time even writing my thoughts for this, I'm not so sure I really am following through.
very powerful
This is a terrific post, and definitely sheds light on an angle of the issue of body image that doesn't really get addressed. And I hate that it doesn't.
i seriously love this post! its really hard trying to completely reverse what we have been brainwashed to think aka one thing is beautiful while something else isn't. I find myself constantly at war with thoughts that creep into my desperately body positive mind!! But at least you are questioning the stupidity of societies beauty!! i have a body positivity collection that i think you might like! feel free to check it out!
Brilliant perspective. Great post