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Through the statement, the agency revealed that as of July 30th, they have officially filed for lawsuit with the court in Beijing. The lawsuit raised is against Luhan and Wu Yifan as well as their respective endorsers in China. The update continued to say that legal action would be taken against not just Wu Yifan but also any persons or companies who have helped or collaborated with him in breaking his exclusive contract with the agency. It will take any legal steps necessary to preserve the rights and interests of SM Entertainment and EXO
why can't SM just let them live they life like omg they are in China, not Korea! find some replacements.... i know their is a lot of cute dancer/singers boys in korea who can learn to speak Chinese....
SM seeing their opportunity to make even more money off of these kids, even if they have to ruin lives and careers in the process. Good job, SM. -___-
I can't even with SM anymore...*GASPS IN KOREAN*
I can't with this company anymore...
Seriously SM?! They're not affecting you! They're in China not Korea so just leave them alone!
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