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I got V! Who did you get? Credits to the owners of these pictures!
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V ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
haha im keeping them for myseld shoot hahaha
I got J-hope
I got the one who wont shut up! Figures!!! BUT AT LEAST I KNOW OPPA IS SAFE!!! And it didnt take much! OPPA came because i HAVE COOKIES AND SOME WONDERFUL "MILKSHAKES" OPPA SHHHHHH!!!! *points to RapMon* look more cookies and milk!!! Come on.... Rapmon: OK BUT WHY DO WE HAVE TO SHHH I KNOW THOSE SECURITY GAURDS AND WHEN ARE THE OTHER GUYS COMING, IS THIS A NEW VENUE " ive never been here before, what is this place, whybis it so dark, i think i can hear Suga snoring!" Me : yeah theyll be here later and mmm i dont hear any snoring! But sure i think he might here... *Looking all in love at Oppa!*
J-Hope xD
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