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Good morning, I hate the fact that i have to work today :( talk to you all later vingle family!
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@ErinGregory dios mio good luck! One child is already not easy to take care of, imagine more than 1 :o
@ygvip21 that sucks!!!! uurrgh I want vacation for the rest of my life ><
@nokita, I have 4 kids here right now lmao my one, my niece and nephew (my sister came over at like 10 pm last night asking if I could keep the kids because her and her hubs are fighting) and the little baby I've been watching. She's the easy one, she's napping. These other three.. are demons. I'm pretty sure my 2 year old nephew just tried to shank his 5 year old sister. I hear her go, OW BROTHER! I look up and the brat managed to get my new pearing knife. SMH if anyone wants to come help... lmao
@ErinGregory omg are you serious? ohhh im so sorry, I wish I could help you, im pretty good taking care of kids (not babies tho) lol fighting!! you can this! dont let the children control you, or kill themselves lmao<3
@nokita It sad. I'm at a 5 day conference thing and it's cool but we are sessions from 7am- 10 pm each day. I'm like so tired rn