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Have you ever had any problems on this topic? Tell us the best way of preventing this from happening. If talking from your own experience, even better. I'm curious about your life stories (and of course, everyone is invited to comment): @allischaaff @alywoah @TerrecaRiley @onesmile @NixonWoman @marshalledgar @danidee @LauraFisher @buddyesd @VinMcCarthy @shannonl5 @LizArnone @2littlelegs
This is going to sound really corny, but there is a scene from Something's Gotta Give that hit me like an arrow. It's the part where mom and daughter are on the beach having a heart-to-heart about being vulnerable enough to experience Love, Heartbreak, (the full emotional spectrum of love) and that all the pain is worth it when you have your solid-as-a-rock TRUE LOVE. Here's the caveat: you won't get it unless you're first vulnerable. FOR ME: I am not ready to be vulnerable. Too scared.
It's a pain in the ass, but it saves you a lot of intense heartbreak. And ... you're not wasting anymore time than you already have.
I agree with this. I am fortunate enough to have gotten out of relationships once I knew they weren't for me. Once I know that the person who I am sharing my time, mind, body, and heart doesn't feel the same way --I immediately let them go, even though it can be painful.
3 things before I tell my story. First thankyou for including me @rodiziketan, second sorry it took so long to write back and last it's going to be kind of long. The heart that didn't love me was my heart. Ever since I was a little girl I never had self confidence in myself, my abilities. I never felt good enough for anybody or anything. I always felt I had to please ppl as if it were my job and every night I would go to bed and cry feeling I let somebody down. it took a toll on me but I kept everything bottled up thinking if I shared I was being a burden. I thought I'm a big girl I should be able to handle it. I felt this way my whole life up until 2 yrs ago when I meet the man I am going to marry. Being with him has brought to life my confidence my abilities in me I never knew I had. I loved myself before but now I love/accept my flaws and imperfections too. Him and I complete each other on every level. I now love myself and in turn the world doesn't seem so daunting. In him I found two hearts that loves me. His and mine.
This is such a great reminder! I'm still finding it hard to do sometimes, as I often want to hang on to what wasn't really "real" even though there is definitely something better ready for me, but I'm working on it :)
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