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Everyones Feelings On a Friday

Its finally Friday and after a long and never ending work week, we all really felt like this day was never going to come. But it is finally fucking Friday and we all go though the same emotional roller coaster on this blessed day.
The alarm goes off and you really wish you could murder everyone. Its to early and you are drained.
But then you remember its Friday and get so pumped to just get the work day over with!
As you drag yourself out of bed you promise yourself that there is no fucking way I am going out tonight.
You day dream about getting home and just watching movies on the couch, ordering your fav take out and finally catching up on some sleep.
But as you sit at your desk and realize you have to get through an entire work day before you are free to live the life you want over the weekend.
Your phone starts blowing up with plans, all involving bars, shots, greasy food.
The clock is clearly broken and so is your brain because you have been secretly playing snake for like 2 hours.
The work day is over, YOU ARE FREE! You fist bump, dance, and shimmy your way home, the idea of sleeping in the next day keeping you wind awake.
You finally get home but lets be real....Screw staying it, its a Friday!
friday is over here :( its friday night
Yessssssssss. Also excellent usage of Rebecca Black. I still love her so much.
@danidee ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahha NA ITS A FRIDAY
So with that being said, are you staying in tonight? ;)
I will more than likely be staying in. This has become a serious problem.
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