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so i decided to make this little game its gonna take a few card to do it but it worth it.......it seems fun.....i hope you like it....
here are the rules: 1) no changing what you got because you didn't want/like who you got 2) you can only pick ONE door 3) comment below which one you choose 4) wait patiently to see who you'll get your results will be relived in a different card the next day (tomorrow) ok lets start the game.....pick your door
Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Door 4
Door 5
Door 6
Door 7
are you done choosing......what bts boy will be coming out to see you
hope you like/enjoy the rest of the game.....results reviled tomorrow :D
Part 2:
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Door 5, it looks so warm and welcoming
door 3
Door 1
door 5.
Door 5