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Now you know why your parents were snickering at that episode of Hey Arnold! How much fun would it be to slip these little jokes in every now and then as a cartoon writer?! Every single one of these jokes is going to give you a new appreciation for those "innocent" cartoons you used to watch every Saturday morning.

When Grandpa Phil reminisced about his time at I know what killed all those brain cells ;)

Woah, Grandpa Lou this joke isn't even subtle. I'm uncomfortable with the number of grandpas making these jokes...

In Rocko's Modern Life they stopped at this motel...I wonder what could be going on in there..

Ha! I love this one. When kids make jokes like this, they must have overheard it from their parents which is adorably hilarious.

I probably still wouldn't get this joke unless someone pointed it out...what clever genius came up with this? Now I know why Toy Story is every parent's favorite kid's movie.

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@jeff4122 yeah there are actually tons of them out there that I'd never noticed. Honestly, these are some of the more tame ones, believe it or not haha
hahah i know! there are some that are seriously pretty awful
Hahhahaah "hourly rates" in the window of that Rocko hotel.
@danidee hahaha it's so obvious...they're not even trying to hide this joke from kids