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If only I had looked this good at 17? Somehow Kylie Jenner was able to completely skip the awkward teenager years, and I'm so jealous. Don't worry, I'll help you get this awesome look. Here is a recreation of Kylie Jenner's casual and sexy street style.

Skinny jeans

Start your outfit off on a casual vibe with a pair of classic denim skinny jeans. These are a great staple for your wardrobe.

Black tank top

Keep the casual vibe going with a classic black tank top. This again should be a staple in your closet.

Brown moto jacket

The sexy vibe comes in the next two fashion pieces. Rock a cool moto jacket in a edgy brown color. Look for a jacket that hits right at your hips.

Thigh-high black boots

These boots are the best part of this outfit. Look for a pair of high-heeled pointed-toe boots that hit thigh-high. These boots are incredibly sexy, but combined with the other fashion pieces, they aren't too sexy.


Throw a black cross-body satchel over your shoulder and you are ready to rock the streets in your casual and sexy outfit!
@JordanNash Heck yeah!
@jlee37 I'm so glad! Go pull it off without spending a dime!
This I can definitely pull off! And I don't have to go buy anything. It's all in my closet! Go figure!