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Instagram is a wonderful platform for athletes, trainers, yogis and foodies from all parts of the world to showcase their lifestyles to the online world. With thousands (maybe even millions) of accounts dedicated to healthy living, how does one decide which accounts will be the most beneficial to you? Below, I have picked out 6 Instagram accounts that have inspired and motivated me to hit the gym, eat an acai bowl, or try that yoga retreat during vacation.

@deliciouslyella: Ella Woodward

This London based blogger, foodie, and best-selling author is truly an inspiration to all. After being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, her diet is free of dairy, meat, gluten and added sugars. She is known for her lunchtime bowls, which always include a nice blend of healthy foods such as quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, grated carrots, and avocados.

@twobadbodies: Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen

These friends and former University of Washington track teammates are known as the "beautiful athletic duo" because these two make you want to grab your bestie and hit the gym asap! They're super creative when it comes to workout routines and they always inspire their followers to have fun during their fitness journey.

@yoga_girl: Rachel Brathen

Her pictures will make you want to pack up your bags and travel the world to the most exotic destinations. This girl seems to always be on a different yoga retreat and never holds back when it comes to busting out a zen pose with the most breathtaking backdrop.

@blogilates: Cassey Ho

Cassey is all about connecting with her fan base. She's constantly reposting her fans' photos and sharing her healthy meal ideas and various workout routines with them. She's a Pilates guru and successful entrepreneur and definitely mastered the art of balancing a healthy lifestyle with a couple moments of indulgences.

@karenakatrina: Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson

Stars of the BRAVO series "Toned Up," this dynamic duo are real life best friends and business partners. They post pictures ranging from healthy meals and recipes to weekly workouts. They will be your newest fitspiration.

@ohsheglows: Angela Liddon

This Canada based mother, author, and vegan blogger will give every foodie out there all the feels. Her recipe photos are beautifully captured and you will definitely be inspired to whip out your blender and make some of her smoothie recipes.
OMG I love Cassey Ho, I watch her Pilates videos all the time
She's too perfect @LauraFisher!!