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Have you been described as a Debby Downer? A stick in the mud? Well, I have, and I'll tell you sometimes...I just couldn't help it. Having a negative outlook on life can be something that comes from the inside, things that happen or just because you've been beaten down by life. But don't worry, because things can and will change if you want them to. Take it from a Debbie Downer herself, you can ditch your negativity and start again, any time you want. And here's how:

1. Write down everything you're thankful for.

Yeah yeah, cheesy, but you've got to start somewhere. Sometimes when life repeatedly kicks you in the teeth it's hard to be thankful, but more often than not you've got a lot more to live for than you think. There are so many things that we have, and do each day that we take for granted, so just take a breath and write that shit down. When you look at your list, I'm sure you'll be surprised.

2. Turn the majority of your negative thoughts into positive ones.

This might be painful for negative peeps, but it must be done. If you're sweating to death outside and think, "I hate the heat. I hate the summer. I want to move to Effing Alaska." Change that into something positive, "The heat is fine, there's air conditioning...I just have to make it to the cold!" Try this tactic when you're about to complain, and see if it changes your outlook through practice.

3. Create a little positivity mantra for yourself.

I'm really negative, I always have been. Just recently I've tried to look on the bright side and every morning when I get up I look in the mirror and say, "Today's better than yesterday." It's just a little reminder that things are constantly improving, constantly getting better. Make your own, and use it when the chips are down. Here are some more examples. Be honest with yourself, and you'll see better results: "Today won't suck" "I'm doing alright." "Things are getting better."

4. Find some time to do things you REALLY enjoy.

Like going to the movies? Visiting record stores? Reading? Make time for these things. Most of the time it's hard to find time when work gets hectic, or things start to change. Don't compromise the things that make you, you! Make time two or three times per week to do something you love. Even if it's as simple as cracking a book, just do it. You'll relieve stress and feel more positive by the minute.

5. Remember that positivity takes time!

It may not happen overnight, and if you're a negative Nancy, that's okay. Just be conscious of the times where you're taking things for granted, or being a little too down on yourself. It's hard out there! But it's not as hard as you make it.
Well, at least you tried.
This is so great! I need to work on my positivity. I feel like I'm either really really happy or really really bummed, and that really needs to change.
@danidee same! I I'm a magnet for extremes, I'm trying a lot of different things to change that too!