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KPOP ASTROLOGY: August Readings

I am not an astrologist! I took horoscopes from different sources and compared the readings to create one strong reading!

Leo (July 23 - August 21)

Hey Leos, THIS IS YOUR MONTH! Only problem is, its not going to be easy. Your relationships (romantic, family, or friends) are going to be tested. The good news is, that once you're through it your bonds will be even tighter than before! This is a month for you to grow, set aside your pride, and learn something new about yourself.
Leo of Kpop: G Dragon, Tiffany, Gongchan, Lizzy, Luna, Niel

Virgo (August 22 - September 23)

HELLO ROMANCE. This is your year to fall in love, and this is the month were it really matters. If you're already in a relationship this is where it starts to get serious, if you're single this is where a new interest will arise. Also feel free to throw yourself into work cause you're going to ROCK.
Virgo of Kpop: Baro, Amber, Chen, Nana, Zico, Sungyeol

Libra (September 24 - October 23)

The beginning of the month is intense, with new love developments and an awesome time making big changes at school or work. The second half of the month calms down and you should devote as much of this time as possible to enjoying the little things in life like your friend's company.
Libra of Kpop: Suzy, Donghae, Hongbin, Key, Taeil, Yoobin, Zelo

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Okay my little balls of emotion, you're going to have a passionate month BUT...don't make any big decisions. This month is one to pay close attention to who and where you are - and what you want to change. Think long and hard about what you want and make plans to get it, but don't act on your plan just yet.
Scorpio of Kpop: Leo, Krystal, TOP, Ren, BoA, Dara

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)

While there isn't a whole lot going on in the love department, you're going to ruuuule in the school/career/awesomeness department. Take on big projects or anything you think you aren't ready to handle, and then surprise yourself. This month is the month you realize just how tough you are!
Sagittarius of Kpop: Kevin Woo, Yuri, Onew, Minho, Junsu

Capricorn (December 23 - January 20)

We're worry-warts and this month is no exception. You'll probably spend August picking up on little details that bother you in life (from school to work to love) and you might waste the whole month dwelling on them. This is a month to not only get to know yourself (and learn how to let things go) but also to get to know others. Listen to your friends and family because you can reach a whole new level of understanding with them this month.
Capricorn of Kpop: Yoseob, Kyungsoo, Kai, Hyorin, JB

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

August is going to get pretty crazy. Things will change direction or not go as planned, and life in general is going to be shaken up a bit. That being said, you are more than able to handle it. This is the month you prove that you're capable of handling your own life and beating anything that gets thrown your way. This is your superhero month.
Aquarius of Kpop: Bora, Jaejoong, Yunho, Victoria, Jia

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

You're the problem solver this month (I know, doesnt sound super exciting BUT) you sort things out for yourself, for others, and basically make August an awesome time for everyone around you. Make sure that you focus on your personal happiness too though - take yourself out on a date once or twice ;)
Pisces of Kpop: CL, Ricky, Mir, Sandeul, Changsub

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Hold onto your hats Aries, this is going to be a wild month. August 2015 is basically just going to be one adventure after another, with a bit of romance tossed in the mix. This is a great time to rely on luck, focus on your physical health, and try new things. Take a dance class!
Aries of Kpop: Ken, Himchan, Hoya, Eunhyuk, Luhan, Xiumin

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

Good news and bad news, Taurus! The beginning of August is going to be a little rough. There might be friend or family arguments, maybe you feel a little stuck in this point of your life, but that all clears up mid-month. The end of August promises inspiration and renewed passion! Keep your head up guys!
Taurus of Kpop: Sungjae, Taeyang, Minah, Lee Hyori, Sunny, Tao

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

This month is all about connections. You'll find yourself making more friends, connecting more and more with family and those around you... look out for a little love as well. While August might seem like a bundle of fun, remember to take care of yourself. You need to take care of your health this month!
Gemini of Kpop: Yoona, Hyuna, CNU, Suho, Yoochun

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Relationships are a huge part of this month. This is the time to apologize or forgive any mistakes past friends or loves have made and to mend old wounds. This is a time to fall in love, or to strengthen friendships. Be wary of stress and the effect it will have on your mind - it will all pass by the end of the month!
Cancer of Kpop: N, Heechul, Taemin, Tablo, Seohyun
I am an Aquarius and it says, "life in general is going to be shaken up a bit." It's funny cause later this month I am moving from Long Island, NY to San Francisco, CA for art school. I'm not going to have any family there, I'm going to have to meet all new friends, and I have never been there before. I usually don't believe in horoscopes, but regarding my situation, this makes me really happy and hopeful.
VIRGO it say I will fall in love (hope it's with key😄 haha or jungkook) haha
ROMANCE! Finally. ♡♡♡
Aries! some romance? I can't wait aha and some adventures! daebak
ahhh CNU...i knew he was from B1A4, I just couldn't remember his name...thanks!
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Mercury In 3rd House
Mercury In 3rd House For Aries Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 3rd house in Gemini and rules 3rd & 6th houses. Idyllic placement for any salesman or journalist. They are the naturally chatty. They can gather lots of knowledge from practically everywhere and then spread it. They are great at multitasking. Simultaneously, they can’t hold a secret. Mercury In 3rd House For Taurus Ascendant Here, Mercury will be sitting in the 3rd house in cancer and will be ruling 2nd and 5th houses. They are excellent salesman, who can even convince you to buy things that you don’t want, using their talking skills and emotional approach. They are very skilled and can have several hobbies and they can be really good at handling various tasks simultaneously. It can exhibit taking forward the family business. They can become authors of highly emotional stories. Mercury In 3rd House For Gemini Ascendant If Mercury is Ascendant Lord through its Gemini sign and sits in 3rd house in Leo sign, then he is indeed going to be in communication and writing related work. He will be an intelligent salesman and able to promote his business profitably. As Mercury is in the sign of Leo which symbolizes authority, it exhibits someone as spokesperson of government. Since Mercury rules the 4th house through Virgo sign, it exhibits that their way of business and communication has come from mother. It exhibits they are spokesperson for their native soil and work for amelioration of conditions at homeland. Mercury In 3rd House For Cancer Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 3rd house in Virgo, where it is exalted and rules 12th & 3rd houses. This exhibits a person who is highly creative. He is good at communication and writing. Fantastic in calculations and may be in accounting field. Major portion of their expenses is for investment and they earn a good profit out of it. They are very shrewd about their expenses. Repeated travelling to foreign land is continuous. Mercury In 3rd House For Leo Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in Libra in 3rd house and rules 2nd and 11th houses. This is an ideal position for businessman. Mercury, Libra and 3rd house all are business related. So, natives are a born businessman. As Mercury also symbolizes skills of a person, they must do business related with interests, skills and hobbies. They are excellent in communications, especially writing. They must keep on communicating with others in order to earn gains in life. This placement gives excellent relation with siblings and friends. They prove to be very helpful in earning. Person is very societal. Mercury In 3rd House For Virgo Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 3rd house in Scorpio and rules 10th & 1st houses. Here, working atmosphere is all about communications, and to be precise writing communications. Since Mercury is karaka of astrology, sitting in occulted sign of Scorpio and 3rd house of interests and in, it definitely can exhibit an astrologer or professor of astrology. Native can write blogs, books and articles on occult side of life. Relations with sibling undergo real changes. Ultimately, work involves lots of communications.
Mercury In 1st House
Mercury In 1st House For Aries Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Aries and rules 3rd & 6th houses. Native is definitely in the work associated with communications and choosing his hobbies as his career. Native will be straightforward in his communication. Their profession can be in writing, speaking or any creative skill of their interest. Mercury In 1st House For Taurus Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Taurus and rules 2nd & 5th houses. It definitely shows that native works in a finance related business. Native loves to hoard family assets and wealth. Whenever Venus and Mercury trade their energies, native gets attracted to do a finance related business. Mercury In 1st House For Gemini Ascendant When Mercury sits in the Gemini ascendant and is the ascendant lord of the same, then native is very communicative by nature. He is filled with ideas and particularly business ideas. He is fun playful, loving, and likes to be amid friends. For him, Life is a celebration. Here, Mercury rules the 4th house too through Virgo sign. Person molds his personality and makes it like his mother. Native likes to trade in real estate, but for this to happen it’s important that it gets the benefit from Mars’ (karaka of real estate) position. Mercury In 1st House For Cancer Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Cancer and rules 12th & 3rd houses. This exhibits two conditions, prominent one, native becomes an author as Mercury is communication skills and 12th house is imagination. Mercury also rules 3rd house of written communications. Since Mercury is in Cancer, it exhibits someone would write romantic and emotional stories. Otherwise, this exhibits someone in import/export business or foreign business. Communication skill is the highlight of their personality. Mercury In 1st House For Leo Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Leo and rules 11th & 2nd houses. This exhibits someone who makes his earning from communications and business as Gemini and Mercury represents these things in general. They are highly chatty people. As Leo is sign of media and creativity, they can be authors and writers for dramas, plays and movies. This once again shows profits from self efforts and siblings. These positions can essentially give lots of profits since Mercury rules the 11th house of gains both and 2nd house of wealth. Mercury In 1st House For Virgo Ascendant Here, Mercury sits in 1st house in Virgo, where it is exalted and rules 10th & 1st houses. This exhibits a person whose work environment is related to communications. Communications are going to be prominent part of their work. They can also be Entrepreneurs. They are perfectionist and very detailed oriented at work. They reach high position in career, especially in corporate. Occasionally, they are very intelligent and even cunning with the way they write or speak. They can also be in accounting or analysis related work.
Mercury In 2nd House
Mercury In 2nd House For Aries Ascendant Mercury governs 3rd and 6th houses and remains in 2nd house in Taurus if the ascendant is in Aries. This is undoubtedly the status of a writer who has amassed riches by his writing abilities. This may also be a place for someone who works in banking or trade, but it would be ideal if they could stay in the contact field. It also depicts a family-run business setting. Mercury in 2nd house For Taurus ascendant Mercury governs the 2nd and 5th houses and resides of the 2nd house in Gemini if the ascendant is Taurus. It depicts someone who is very calculated and business-minded when it comes to family and wealth matters. They are very astute and swift in determining who in the family should receive what. Shows someone who works in a family business or makes money from correspondence. Mercury In 2nd House For Gemini Ascendant If Mercury is Ascendant Lord in Gemini and sits in 2nd house in Cancer, this individual may speak in a very emotional manner. Certainly, it is a role that anyone in charge of a family business must hold. They become very calculating when it comes to their money. Mercury also governs the 4th house by the Virgo symbol, indicating that someone is involved in family business. Here, the mother instructs them on the art of industry and capital accumulation. Mercury In 2nd House For Cancer Ascendant Mercury governs the 12th and 3rd houses and resides in the 2nd house in Leo if the ascendant is Cancer. This person may also work in finance and banking. Mercury dominates the 12th house of creativity, the 3rd house of correspondence, and sits in the 2nd house of speech, so he may be a brilliant writer or speaker. A person's expression and wealth would be calculated. Mercury In 2nd House For Leo Ascendant If the ascendant is Leo, Mercury rules 11th and 2nd houses and is elevated in the 2nd house of Virgo. Mercury in Virgo indicates a person who is very good at dealing with information and handling items, and the 2nd house refers to wealth, so this indicates an outstanding money manager. As a result, the person can work as a manager or planner in banks or other financial institutions. They are both very good at handling family money on a personal basis. Communication master's degree Mercury In 2nd House For Virgo Ascendant Mercury governs 10th and 1st houses in Virgo and lives in Libra's 2nd house. Mercury is the planet of communication, and it rules the house of speech, so this guy is a natural public speaker. Since Libra is the symbol of diplomacy, they can be effective diplomats. They can, however, raise money from their oral or written correspondence. Since the second house is associated with wealth, they will operate in the financial sector as managers or executives in banks or corporations.