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I was thrilled to be tagged by the beautiful and always inspiring @jordanhamilton to write a letter to the me of the future. You can check out her card, which started it all (and is a very honest, vulnerable, and beautiful read) here. Without further ado, here goes!

Dear Future Alli,

Look around you. Can you believe you made it this far? So many wonderful things have happened in your life. So many loving people surround you. You wake up every day and you love what you do – I'm sure of it.
From where I stand, in New York City on July 31, 2015, I have no way of knowing which paths you've taken, who has taken residence in your heart, and who has left it. I don't know where you live, or what your job is. But I believe that you are happy.
Do you remember when you were me? 23 years old, freshly home from a year in France, and now living and working in NYC. I feel so adult. But I know I'm still so, so young – I have nothing figured out, and no way of knowing where I'll be next. It's scary, and it's also thrilling.
But as I make my way through life, I keep you in my mind. You are the reason I make the choices I do – you, the me I want to become. The me of tomorrow. The girl who refused to ever settle, who sought out and followed her passions to the ends of the earth. The girl who learned something new every day. The girl that became a woman – a woman who lived her dreams.
I don't know who's accompanying you on your journey, but I hope you've found someone special to come along for the ride. Someone who pushes you to be your best self. Someone who inspires and challenges you, who loves you for all your weird voices, bad jokes, and quiet musings. I wonder if it's who I think it is. I wonder if it's someone totally different, someone I haven't even met yet. But no matter what his name is, above all, I hope you guys find a way to do everything together you've ever wanted to. Travel, work, parenthood, everything. I hope you show them that it is possible to be a woman and have it all.
Future Alli, I feel so young when I think of you. I feel so clueless when I think of how much you've learned. I can't wait until I can look back on my life from your point of view, with wisdom and joy. And peace. I wish happiness for us, and good fortune, and love, and adventure – but maybe most of all, I wish for peace. When I am you, and I look back on it all, I hope I feel a profound sense of peace affirming that yes, I did it right, I lived to the fullest. I did all I could, I learned all I wanted to, I read all the books on my list, and I left a legacy worth remembering.
Thank you for continuing to be my inspiration. I look forward to the day we meet.
With love,

A Younger You

Looking forward to reading your guys' versions too! :)
so perfect and precise!!! you're writing style is so beautiful and I love the way that you spoke to your future self. you sound so promising and I am sure that all of your wildest dreams are meant to come true. I mean you've done so much already & you're in your 20's. your life is going to definitely be fruitful. continue to be positive and do what always MAKES YOU happy at the end of the day. you're doing a great job, keep pushing forward. amazing card and thank you so much for participating @allischaaff :)
I already wrote one, but I seem to be liking yours way more XD
Oh @allischaaff you're such a pleasant voice in a world full of cynics (myself included) I loved reading this, it's such a breath of fresh air. You have a great head on your shoulders and I can't wait to hear what you do next ;)
This is amazing! Love how you ended the letter as well! :) <3
Aww girls!!! You guys are SO sweet :) Thank you for your kind comments @poojas @TessStevens and @jordanhamilton – they really made my morning. I feel very encouraged now... maybe I'll try doing some more creative writing posts soon :)
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