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I rarely tune into the Jimmy Kimmel show, but when I do, its to see Tyler The Creator. The dynamic duo create incredible segments every time they link up. One the reasons this works is because Kimmel fully embraces the madness that is "The Creator."

Last night the fearless duo unleashed an unforgettable performance on the late night show.

Tyler set the tone early during his performance of “Cherry Bomb.” Unsuspecting fans looking for their five seconds of tv fame were caught in the eye of the storm, as diehard Tyler fans moshed relentlessly.
After putting his shirt back on, he got into his zone and performed “Smuckers,” turning down the crowd several notches to allow everyone to vibe along.
As the song progressed, a saxophone player took over the mic while Tyler tried his hands on the keys. That’s right, Tyler blessed us with a quick piano recital, two minutes after the mosh.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone take a performance through an emotional roller coaster that fast at a concert in my life.

The highlight of the night came near the end of the show, as Tyler rapped pages from Dr. Seuss’ new book. The Creator seems to have trouble meshing the lines with his signature rap tone, but he finally gets it together after a few pointers from Kimmel.

Thankfully sweet baby Jesus cut this scene before Tyler meshed some of his vulgar bars with “Green Eggs & Ham.”

We should all be as open as Tyler, or at least be open to Tyler as he creates awesome things...

I think.. lol.
Tyler is a straight fool! lol this made my friday though. the connection I felt between Ty & Jimmy is somewhat reminiscent of Wale's & Jerry Seinfelds (maybe not as close) haha, but shoutout to your usage of gifs!!!!
@jordanhamilton thanks for checking it out the card! Ahh I didn't think of Wale and Jerry, but thats not a bad comparison. With that being said, I don't think Wale would do half of the things Tyler does on television. I love tyler though, he's so fearless and creative!
@lizarnone Yeah I loved him in the cat in a hat skit.. I know these wild skits get tabled in his team meetings and he calls Tyler immediately for them.. he knows Tyler is down for the cause lol
they have such good chemistry!! this was so funnnnny i really enjoy how funny he looked in the cat in the hat outfit haha and he seems to be downnnnn for anything!
I def agree. Wale has this vibe about him that can be a bit off putting. I def feel you -- Tyler is extremely creative (duhhh, he's the creator) haha no pun intended.
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