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This is the start of a beautiful #FriendshipGoals

Only a few weeks ago would Amy Schumer have ever dreamed of actually meeting Jennifer Lawrence in person. But now, they're friends and we're obsessed. The two gal pals went on vacation together having an absolute blast from the looks of it. Schumer has been very public about her admiration for Lawrence and it's so cute to see Schumer's genuine fan-girling.

An adorable human pyramid.

So we've got human pyramids, bikinis, jet skis, and lots of floats. I'd say that makes for the perfect vacation if you ask me. Everyone looks happy and full of smiles which is really great. Though Schumer kept her captions short, we know she's still pinching herself asking if everything is real. She's had a really big breakout year after her mega success from 'Trainwreck'. Keep rocking Amy Schumer!


Schumer's admiration for Lawrence went viral when Schumer posted a video of her cheering because Lawrence said her name on the Red Carpet. I'd say that's the most EPIC fan girl move. But we love her nonetheless. And I'm just super jealous.