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What do you get when you bring together 1,000 die hard, Foo Fighter musicians and 1 conductor? The greatest cover video to ever hit the internet!
In Cesena, Italy 1000 musicians learned to play Learn to Fly by the FooFighters to make a call to play video! Hundreds of drummers, guitarists and singers flew from across Italy just to be apart of this year long project!
I have to say, this video seriously gives me goosebumps. Strangers all coming together to have fun, play music and try to get closer their favorite band; it is seriously is amazing.
The Foo Fighters have already shared the video on their social medias, so I think its safe to say all the hard work and planning will pay off!
Good luck guys and thanks for turning me into a fan!
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hahah how'd you guess @LizArnone? The Foo Fighters are definitely... not my jam... but this is a pretty awesome video, yeah.
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@jeff4122 haha at least you can appreciate the awesome factor! i thought it sounded pretty good too!
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@LizArnone ... The Foo's are my all time fave band ... And that was a plea to get the Foo's to play ... N ... Dave n the boys have said yes! Love the video! Wish I were there ... Can you imagine what 250 drumkits sounded like together?!!?? the delicate sound of thunder ... :p
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