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We’ve been using art to make a statement since the beginning of time. Music, paintings, theatrical performances have all been recognized for criticizing the government. Sometimes it’s easy to recognize, sometimes it’s harder and more interpretive. But artist David Dees makes artistic statements that are VERY blunt. It’s easy to tell what he is commenting on.
And shock seems to be this artist’s calling card. His political satire art is there to make you think.
When the issue of vaccination was big in California, David Dees made it more dramatic then it probably was. Run away from the giant needles children, run!
GMOs never looked so frightening. You think the food you eat is normal. Dee would ask for you to think again.
NSA, secrecy, and spying. I’d say Edward Snowden would appreciate this.
The money behind the climatology mission...It sure makes the chorus of supporters look bad.
God and Guns are related? Many people might not of thought of the comparison without the creation of this art.
While David Dee has created thousand of political satire works, he’s not the only one.
There are many other artists making politcART statements. Props to all the artists out there creating and making us think. I picture is worth a thousand words, right? Let’s turn it into a positive debate.
its not always good to talk political but, that is right on cue.
And what's cool about it is that it depict it in art! @smnthcarter773! So it make politics fun!