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TGIF!!!! It's been a long week and nothing will get you through a never-ending Friday at the office like thinking about the awesome parties you'll be going to this weekend. Or maybe you're throwing a party (check out @LizArnone's card about theme parties for ideas). Either way, get pumped!!!! These TV party scenes will help get you in the mood for the awesome weekend you're about to have, I guarantee it.
Every single party on The Office is perfect. Something or someone is on fire, Meredith's drunk (five minutes after this scene she takes her shirt off in the conference room) and the theme they chose is offending someone (usually Angela, ugh). I know this is a Christmas party, but it won't put you in the Christmas spirit, it'll just get you totally hype to do some awesome air guitaring/karaoke this weekend!!!
The only thing I have on my bucket list for living in NYC is to go to a party in Bushwick as cool as this one! The Girls girls hit up an awesome warehouse party in Brooklyn and all hell breaks loose. Jessa throws bottles at people, Marnie cries, Hannah dances like crazy and Shosh does some questionable drugs. The weirdest nights always end up being the best ones, so go out this weekend and just see where the night takes you!
Ah yes, those nights where you and your friends have to sit down the next morning to discuss what the fuck happened. This 30 Rock party is amazing and out of the blue because Kenneth threw it so naturally everyone expected it to be super boring. On the contrary, no one can remember a thing about the evening except that Liz made a bunch of people cry. An awesome scene to prepare you for your night out, although maybe be a little more responsible than the 30 Rock folks.
Hands down, the best party scene on TV. Where can I get some Snake Juice? How can I get into the Snakehole Lounge? Watching Ron Swanson drunkenly dance will get anyone excited to go out (please check out this website, Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson). This is one of those nights where you and all your friends are on the same level, meaning pretty much anything is possible. Just make sure you've got a Donna there to drive you home :)
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The Snake Juice episode is my absolute favorite. Janet Snakehole 4-ever.
ALL OF THESE ARE TOOOOOO PERFECT!! also jerry really is such an amazing character on parks and rec
"Make a baby tuxedo" God I love Tom
omg @TessStevens that's amazing. I seriously wish I could try it, I feel like there's gotta be die hard parks and rec fans out there that made a recipe or something.
The snake juice episode is my favorite Parks and Rec thing ever! Me and my friends from college dubbed this "incinerator" liquor "snake juice" because of the crazy things that happened when we drank it lol
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