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Welcome to the very first card of the Funny Community's newest weekly event - 'Would You Rather'! Every Friday, I'll be posting a brand new 'Would You Rather' question for all of you to discuss, debate, and answer for yourself!
This one confronts two big food-related struggles - Cheeto Fingers and Cilantro Teeth. Which one would you rather be stuck with... FOR LIFE?
I think most people will want to lick the door handle after I touch it...@jokes
cheeto fingers I would just where gloves I live in a cold enough area so I'm good '-'
Hahahahaha @alywoah. You are very smart. I’m also just like weird about my teeth @jokes (I’m one of those people that loves to brush my teeth) so having something green in there for life would be my worst nightmare. I’ll take the lesser of the two evils.
buut....but....forever cheeto cheese....@jokes
I've never had cheetos,btw. I love cheese snacks, so... yea
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