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WTF fashion: KE$HA

KE$HA broke onto the music scene with her crazy hit, "Tik Tok," and didn't leave. Her party anthems were incredibly popular and her insane, neon fashion became iconic. It was never a dull moment when KE$HA decided to show up at an event. Here is a look back at her craziest outfits.
Listen (and watch) this video to get you in the KE$HA mood.
Glitter, check. Ripped fishnets, check. Sequined leotard, check. KE$HA seems to have mixed all the essentials for a costume party into her outfit.
I'm pretty sure a bird has laid its eggs in KE$HA's hair. Her dress looks like it was made of old cassette tapes and the hardware designs on her eyebrows definitely makes for a statement piece.
Willy Wonka meets Flava Flav is the best description I can come up with for this outfit. KE$HA also seems to have raided her grandmother's closet for a few pieces of this outfit.
I don't even know where to start on this outfit, mostly because my eyes keep bouncing from one detail to the next. The silky, purple pants, the ripped graphic tee, the bright red lipstick — it's all too much.
The good thing is that KE$HA got some much needed help and seems to be much more stable now. She checked into rehab and dropped the "$" from her name. She has still been singing her amazing music and dominating the music scene, but she looks much more stable and happier, which is great. Here are some of her recent looks, where she has transitioned from WTF fashion to kick-ass fashion.
Kesha looks incredibly sophisticated in this all-pink outfit. She keeps a little bit of her older self with a see-through lace shirt that gives people a glimpse of her pink bra.
Kesha is looking oh-so-preppy in this outfit. The top with an embellished collar offers just the right amount of flair to this outfit.
Kesha rocks an all-black outfit. The fringed boot gives off an edgy, boho chic vibe, while the black shorts and blazer keep it classic. Lookin' good, Kesha!
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Hahaha those cornrows. She looks like James Franco in Spring Breakers in that one.
@camidoll Id have to agree with you she did look happier before in her wilder outfits than in the new ones...
@TessStevens Me too — it's so classy! Yeah, those braids are something else...
I love that black and white skirt outfit. It's totally chic and cute I can totally see myself wearing it lol. She's a chameleon and that's pretty awesome. Can't get behind those braids though
Kinda sad...she seemed More happy in her crazy wild outfits than she does in the "new" look she seems kinda sad about it I honestly liked her looks before because she had fun with them but I guess it's whatever... :/
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