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Today is officially Beard Appreciation Friday. Okay, I just make that up -- but go along with it anyway.

Is anyone else as excited as I am? Beards are extremely attractive and can easily transform any man's look. Whether clean cut or a little scruffy, they're all extremely beautiful and so worth a little accidental drool sometimes.
Having a beard is a must. Wouldn't you agree though? Men with beards just have this natural attraction to them. You can't help but stare and honestly, I think they probably enjoy the stares they get. Beards come in a variety of lengths, shapes and colors -- my favorite happens to be the salt and pepper beard (black with a couple grey hairs) *faints*. Allow me to introduce you to some handsome men with beards who will make your Friday all the more better. Take my word for it.

Talk about faint worthy.

If these images didn't make your Friday any better -- maybe these five men rockin' man buns will here.
I must say. I love bearded men. like probably too much. it’s a problem. @allischaaff would love the bearded men also.
Ha! It's working. Thanks ^_^
it was necessary. to keep you in good spirits throughout the day lol :) happy friday! @alywoah
WHY DO U DO THIS TO ME @jordanhamtilton
gotta love a man with a beard. mm-mm-mmmm.
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