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Spoiler Alert: It's really, really good!

Titled 'Drag Me Down', One Direction's first release since Zayn's departure is exactly as strong as their previous songs. It's catchy and positive. It's got kind of a 90s boy-band vibe, but it still feels very modern and new. Thank goodness! This should dispel any doubts that the band won't be able to carry on without him.

Don't trust any of those Youtube videos.

You know, the ones that claim to have the new song. They're all full of lies. You can grab it on Spotify, or listen here. And especially take care to avoid any videos claiming that the band's downfall is in sight. This song confirms it: nobody can drag them down!
@shannonl5 yep I really like it too! I had the pleasure to listen to it on repeat the second they released it thanks to my little sister. (Was trying to sleep) haha I think their new album is going to be awesome and I'm looking forward to it
@AndreaHamilton haha oh no sister that's not cool! Headphones! lol but yeah at least the song was good, a bad song would probably have been really annoying. I'm so hyped up for the new album now too!
@AkiraCondry @Fanny10 @OlgaGarcia @kimikodragon @AndreaHamilton @sophiamor Have you heard this yet? How do you feel about it?
@esha I like him a lot too! He's very talented. His new music is super different though! I think I'll end up liking it but he'll probably have to court some new fans I think
Eesha yeah I think a lot of people feel that way. I personally still like the music, it feels like its in the same spirit as their previous tracks, but it does feel like the mood overall has changed. Not just in the band, but in the fandom itself.