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I want you to relax this weekend.

Listen to Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. It's good for you.
You don't have to like Van Morrison. Really, I don't care.
But don't convince yourself that you don't like Van Morrison because you heard that song "Brown-Eyed Girl" once and didn't like it.
Astral Weeks is a masterpiece, and will bring your mind and body into a place you didn't know existed.

Astral Weeks is the most spiritually intense album I know.

It's hypnotic.

It all starts with the title track, and one of the most loaded lyrics written.
"If I ventured in the slipstream
Between the viaducts of your dream
Where immobile steel rims crack
And the ditch in the back roads stop
Could you find me?"
"Madame George" has been called the most passionate song of the 1960s. Think about what it means to make a statement like that. It's the album's greatest achievement. It is, plain and simple, a masterpiece.
I really suggest that you listen to Astral Weeks in its entirety, in one sitting, in a quiet place. It's best experienced as a unit, because that's what it is. I'm making this card, and I'm having trouble picking out songs to highlight, because when I listen to Astral Weeks, I listen to Astral Weeks.

I start it, and I finish it. I do not pause it.

Here is the best advice I can manage:

Go find the most wide open place you can in your area.
Bring something to drink. Ice water, or a beer, maybe. The fewer people around, the better. The above looks nice. Do your best.
Bring nothing more than what you need: a drink, a bite to eat, if you'd like, and a speaker of some sort, to play the music.

And just do that. Don't do anything else. Just listen.

By the time you finish, you will end up having done more inside your mind than you realized.