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Latin celebrities have had enough of Donald Trump’s offensive spew about Latin Americans. As most of us heard, Pitbull who is a Cuban-American rapper from Miami, has stated he will no longer stay at the Trump Hotels. In an interview with Billboard, Pitbull talks about how he felt with Trump's opinion on Latin Americans.
"I don’t think [Donald Trump] really understood what he was saying and the power of Latinos. [He didn’t understand] how we’re always united, and how we truly respect this country way too much; we respect the liberty it gives us to control our own destiny, and the opportunities it gives us to take our families to other levels. I don’t think he really put all that together. But, to each his own. El tipo se comió tremendo cable (The guy is in hot water)."
Pitbull is not the only person from the Latin American music industry that had something to say about Trump.
In a interview, Prince Royce said he believed those comments from Trump were unnecessary. Prince Royce also talks about how he had met Trump before, performed at Miss Universe, and have done events at his golf course. It just seems like Latin Americans are okay, if they personally make Trump money. According to the Washington Post, Trump may be relying on undocumented workers to finish a Trump hotel, a few blocks away from the White House. Really, Trump? Really?
José Andrés, a Spanish-born chef, who is a D.C.-based and the co-owner of ThinkFoodGroup, has announced that he will back out of a deal to open a restaurant in Donald Trump's hotel-in-the-making. This is what Andrés has to say about Trump:
“Donald Trump’s recent statements disparaging immigrants make it impossible for my company and I to move forward with opening a successful Spanish restaurant in Trump International’s upcoming hotel in Washington, D.C.”
Because Andrés has backed out, he might face expensive lawsuits from Donald Trump -- as there was a contract involved, of course. Companies like Macy's and NBC have are severing ties with Trump, post his Latin American-charged insults. The Latin American community have been loud and clear -- they do not like Trump's comments, and he's going to feel the repercussions.

The Latin American community is a very strong community -- which often sticks together to uplift and support.

I wonder, did Donald Trump realize that before his ignorant spew on the Latin American community?

he meant to say every word he did, but he probably didn't mean every word he said. all he wants is publicity, he has 3 billion dollars, so he doesn't really care what happens to him. besides, his reputation was already ruined. that's my theory...
Im glad he is getting backlash in ways that can actually effect him! what he said is so ignorant and while he may think hes untouchable he is not
I wonder if he's also one of those politicians that still doesn't realize how crucial the immigrant vote was in the 2008 elections.