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The best way to take your style with classic silhouettes to the next level? Try those fashion pieces in a cool, metallic fabric. Metallic pieces will help make your fashion stand out.

Metallic skirts or shorts

Rock a classic skirt made from a not-so-classic metallic fabric. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple so that you don't make your outfit too busy. If you want to go for a more high-fashion look, try metallic shorts.

Metallic dresses

Stay cooler in the summer heat with a metallic dress. A metallic dress can easily go from casual during the day to dressier at night.

Metallic tops

Look for metallic tops to continue the unique and futuristic trend. You can rock a metallic crop top under a sheer tank or wear a top with metallic detailing.

Metallic shoes

Keep this trend going all the way to your toes with metallic shoes. Look for a pair of metallic pumps if you want to dress up your outfit or a pair of metallic sandals or sneakers if you want to keep it casual.

Metallic accessories

Metallic accessories will give you that trendy feel without going all out. Look for metallic bracelets or a set of metallic rings to pump up your outfit.