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Yay! It's quiz time!

We all have an underappreciated hero within all of us. And it's pretty darn vital that you figure out who it is! Thankfully, this card has all the answers.
This one is actually going to be easy, because unlike the other quizzes (which involved difficult things like questions), all you need to know is your blood type! I was inspired by this card by @VixenViVi so I thought I'd mix it up a little.
Let's do this! Here's a list of the blood types (in case you don't know them).

Now, let's do this!

Blood Type A: X-23

People with this blood type often struggle because they can be very introverted, prideful, and uptight. However, they're also very driven, and perfectionists, so there's no reason they can't succeed.
X-23 had a really rough time growing up: she was actually a medical experiment, a test to see if Wolverine could be replicated. But she rebelled, and turned out okay in the end.

Blood Type AB: Spoiler

While people in this group tend to be very sensitive, outwardly they can be a bit outrageous and even impulsive. That's not a bad thing- their energy draws others to them.
Spoiler was an amateur vigilante before she became the fourth Robin. Her determination and courage made her very daring.

Blood Type B: Hawkeye

Not Clint Barton (though he's a totally loveable failure), the other one: Kate Bishop. People with this blood type are said to be very passionate and strong-willed. They truly hate to be underestimated.
Kate struggled with that; for a long time she was not taken seriously as a hero despite her skills and bravery. She proved herself through determination and stubbornness.

Blood Type O: The Question

People with this type tend to be very bold and outgoing, which are great qualities for a superhero. They can also be very inquisitive, which is why they have so much in common with this underrated hero.
The Question is currently the awesome ex-detective Renee Montoya, who left the force due to disgust with the corruption and homophobia in the police department of Gotham.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

If you are planning to go on a vigilante crime-fighting spree some time soon, please do us all a favor and take lots of pictures! ^_^
If you liked this, I'm slowly but surely making a whole collection of quizzes and horoscopes, follow if you'd like to see more! And thanks again to @VixenViVi for inspiring this card!
Yes! The Question! She is effing awesome, kind of the female answer to Rorschach which I dig!
I am the Question :)
Woot! glad to be your muse! ^^ also I'm The Question so that's awesome >.<
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