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Slender: 8 Pages

At this point in internet history, Slenderman has become the ubiquitous face of creepypasta everywhere. Originally started as a submission for a creepypasta thread on Something Awful, the character and story quickly went viral. It's been explosive. Recently, indie developer Parsec Productions has taken the Slenderman myth and turned into a horror game in which you must search for 8 letters in a forest, all the while avoiding the internet's bogeyman. As you collect more and mnore, the game gets harder and creepier. Definitively the best Slenderman game out there.

One Late Night

Made by indie developer Black Curtain Studio, this game is touted a short immersive horror experience. It places the player in the eyes of a graphic designer who's stayed late to finish working on a project. As things get progressively stranger, you determine you might not be quite as alone as you thought. What's cool about this game is relatablitity. You can imagine yourself in this position, working late in a nondescript office. When things go bump in the night, you figure it must be something mundane. What if it wasn't?


In a small Michigan town, a nearby nuclear reactor suffers a partial meltdown. Playing as a red cross relief worker, you are sent to determine why some of the local people seem to be going missing. You wind up trapped underground, pursued by the distrubing creations of forced experiments. You need to escape. Made by Desura games, it's pretty beautiful for the engine used. The sound effects are also on point, making the first-person immersion that much better.


This game is in Portuguese, so it might not be immediately engaging for some people, but boy oh boy is it scary. Your wife has been murdered, and the man held responsible for it is declared insane and put into an asylum. Seeking vengeance, you go to the asylum to confront him. With only the light of your phone, you don't have a lot to help you in the creepy place. This game builds atmosphere like no other. It gives you a real sense of helplessness and also toys with your concept of sanity. Really well done.
Eew Slender Man...eew. That Erie game looks baller though. I'm a huge fan of Fallout and would love more post-apocalyptic games to play, if you have any recommendations.
@animaniafreak amnesia scared the daylights out of me. Like, nightmares for a while. It was awful, but kind of exhilarating. my friends and I recently watched the gameplay trailer for this new game allison road (, and though it's not super scary, by the end we were pretty pleasantly scared.
@animaniafreak I totally understand. I'm actually a giant wimp for horror games. I get scared really easily playing them, so I really have to play as part of a team, so that when it's too overwhelming I can pass the controller off to someone better suited to the tension of the playing.
I love horror movies but I can't play horror games, more precisely horror survival games (horror puzzle solving games are ok). I either get mauled to death by zombies or hacked to death by some psycho, just bcoz I forget the keys to press when I flutter.....
@VinMcCarthy That's actually a good idea, but I'd still end up dead, coz my friends are bigger wimps than I am, they be all screaming and pushing and no one wants the controller! I remember when we played Amnesia, it's like collective heart attack every 5 minutes and I almost peed my pants when my friends shrieked at the sight of a shadow.... oh nostalgic memories....
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