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Last night, Hannibal Buress addressed the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef on his television show on Comedy Central. One of the main arguments of the comedian was the relevance of the issue. While the topic has trended worldwide on social media, Buress wondered if the issue was known by fans less attached to the internet.

In order to find clarity on the issue, Buress hit the streets of Beverly Hills to ask residents one simple question: who is Meek Mill & Drake?

The results were hilarious.
From the looks of it, no one knows who Drake or Meek Mill is in Beverly Hills. Some of the standout responses were:
Resident: Meek Mill? I think he’s sleeping with Nicki Minaj?
HB: can you name one song
Resident: *crickets*
HB: Meek claims drake didn't write the lyrics to his songs
Resident: Man he didn’t write that shit?
HB: Hey man... Denzel Washington didn’t write any of “Training Day”
Resident: He didn’t?? Wow….
HB: Do you know who Drake is?
Resident: Like Drake and Josh from Disney?
Wait...Did that guy REALLY have the look of defeat on his face when he found out Denzel didn’t write “Training Day?” What made him think that Denzel wrote the script for that movie? Jesus grab the wheel.

From the looks of this video, the residents of Beverly Hills are very out of touch with issues within the hip-hop community.