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Some of yall are talking about recognizing idols by their eyes, lips, hair styles, etc. And I'm sitting here like.. I can't hardly recognize people when looking at their entire face, WTF? (And no, just just Asian idols, I've always had this problem with people lol I'm really bad at remembering faces.)
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Lmao I'm really jealous @celesteyc! I really have a hard time recognizing people lol it's terrible. xD
It's ok. I had a hard time in the beginning but I kinda got used to it 馃槉 @ErinGregory
@celesteyc, oh no I mean in general lol I'm bad with faces and with names. Always have been hahahaha
When u see a person such as ur bias enough times, u tend to recognize the little things too without realizing it
@justmeplz1998, I always figured by the time I got older I would be able to do that, but now that I'm an adult I've lost all hope xD