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This is a 'i miss you' recap for ep20 See you guys next week ! :) Vietnamese recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/99473 There are just a few minutes left to start ! HJ: Here is the heaven as you told? Now i have to run away with this leg... Policemen are searching for HJ because they found that he was a criminal when he was in Canada. They get enough evidence. HJ calls to JW. JW: Hey kid, Are you afraid of fighting me? HJ: i don't want to fight with you..I just want to bring her back. HJ wants to be with SY together. There are gangsters around HJ, actually the gangsters are sended by JW's father. The gangsters hit the car to take out SY. After leaving her to his friend, he goes to catch HJ. JW: Shut!! where is Kang hyeong joon!!!! HJ arrives in front of the car that SY is in. SY:Go away!! please!!!! At that time JW comes to here. In the investigation, they suspect that HJ is lack of maternal love..and now it means the subject is changed to SY. In his house, they found a lot of evidence that HJ is a suspect. SY and her mother stay together. They recalls their bad experience like being beaten by her father...runing away from his father. SY's mother cries after hearing her saying.. SY's mother: How could you overcome that... SY: It's okay now mom..now there are JW,EJ and you..with me. Years ago..i thought that all is my fault but now..i think it's not my fault.. SY's mother: Sure...it's not your fault...in the future..we live as well like this.. SY: How could you endure 15 years ago? At that time, when you are in difficult times, my mother just said only bad words to you, right? Who did you go for your graduation with? JW: Just alone like others. When I was a 8 years old, i lived in America..so it's okay. Oh!!!!! Ask it one more time. I should have answered that I endured because of you. Oh I forgot !! They talked very sweetly. Anyway JW heard by her step mother that I will divorce with TJ, your father. At first I didn't mean to marry with the purpose of money. MR also says the reason of hurting HJ's leg. In the HTJ's home. JW: I have two fathers...One father shows me that i have to live like this and another father show me that I shouldn't like like this. Father!!!! Are you a human? Am I a son of human? I feel shame that I am a son of you. HJ takes refuge in his cellar. He heard SY's saying... SY: Please go away..you are supposed to kill me! HJ:No No !! i didn't mean that... HJ goes to SY's house...but there is a police car. SY:is JW there? JW: I miss you... (SY's mother says if he says I miss you, it means that there is something worried to him.) SY: JW ! Be like a man, i want to eat chicken !! Hurry up to bring it. I just count 3 seconds. one, two..three hehe. JW: Okay just wait a minute !!!! He keeps back his tears because of her vute charming. When he arrives, they go to playground. SY and JW calls the song titled 'Magic castle' SY keep up with him. SY: How about today with your father? JW: Something bad happens...and ..HJ is a son of my father. I didn't even notice it... please hug me.. I will protect you from strong wind so that don't cry. SY, I will make you laugh tomorrow. we will live with happy reminds. Joo ditective is with SY talking with the hope of having girl-friend. AR, JW's sister is coming with her mother. MR feels sorry for SY. At SY's workplace. JW: The day of raining, giving the numbella that she has only one means she has given him all the thing, her soul. JW: SY would you marry with me? At the first know of returning the winter, marry with me. She share the couple ring that she prepared. The ring that JW gives will be weared at the wedding. (Wow WOW ROMENTIC) Joo detective: Ah my stomach !! (We just say Ah stomach when they feel envious.) SY meets Hary who is HJ's pawn. SY: You are thrown away from HJ. Hary: No, you are thrown away. He will come here to help me. He will help me!!!! SY: No...he let you kill someone...after saving you from the violence...it means he makes you in worse violence.. JW comes to HJ's ordinary house... HJ lovks the door that JW is in. HJ: At first you didn't recognize me..that's the start of the problem.. JW:Do not blame anyone. Let's start again.... kid uncle... (They have same grand father..it means HJ is a uncle of JW). After running fight, he was shot in his leg. But he success to run away. He reminds the old days with SY. HJ: Try one bite~ SY: No, i have to do my work. HJ: Please just one bite. SY: Oh it's delicious ! i had a nightmare...yesterday. HJ: I can get rid of him in your nightmare. Oh also i have a secret. SY: What is your secret? HJ: Secret! Actually i also have a nightmare..someone wants to tell my secret to you... At that time, he got the gun from someone. HTJ calls to SY that i have something to discuss you. Despite JW's objections, SY decides to meet him. Because she thinks that his is a final chance to catch HJ. HTJ picks her up and offers a ride to HJ. Joo detective miss HTJ's car. SY is already disppear ! JW arrives the spot that SY is in....and open the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preview...someone has a surgery... JW: i imagined it over 1000 times saving you from in dangerous.... JW: i will make you laugh tomorrow... But SY cries... Tomorrow is final ep in 'I miss you'. We can't see anymore this couple ㅜnㅜ Please be happy ending ~
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