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So, I guess I'll just admit it right here that I am the loud one; of my family, my friends (although I got some loud friends), of my office, of my life. And it rocks most of the time. Thats a lie, it rocks but sucks pretty much all the time.
And for you fellow loud mouths, I bet you have experienced all of this.
Being asked "why are you yelling" Every. Single. Day.
Never being able to tell a secret...because we're a shit whisperer.
Always being the one that gets in trouble, since were the voice they can hear.
Even if we didn't say anything, we are always assumed to be the one that said something and then we get in trouble.
We are always chosen to be the "presenter" during a group project.
When we are passionately discussing a topic people ask us why we are getting mad. We aren't mad, WE ARE EXCITED.
People always thinking we are drunk when we just always act this way.
We can never pull off mysterious. And every time we try it fails. Because we have a loud personality but its ok...everyone loves us for it.
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@TerrecaRiley wow what a cool name!! Their deff won't be any other Zoonettes in her class haha
@LizArnone lol... so true. I can just imagine she was the loudest one too
yep. That's me
and sometimes I am getting angry, and then.... ⚡⚡⚡
pain should be person